A World Without Linux Episode 2 Is Now Online

Episode 2 in The Linux Foundation’s ‘A World Without Linux’ video series is now available to watch.

After last week’s look at how there’d be no internet without Linux, this latest episode posits a related tack: “a world without Linux would mean a world without direction”.

No Linux means no GPS navigation device and no mobile mapping apps. The protagonists of the six-part series end up lost …and headed in to the Bermuda triangle — eek!

Each video aims to raise awareness about Linux and the ‘integral’ role it plays in everyday life. It’s a noble goal but is it effectively relaying why Linux has been so successful at powering so much?

This video doesn’t qualify its statements. It doesn’t say, not even fleetingly, how Linux plays a role in navigational aids or to what degree. It’s an educational beat missed in a series pitched at the not-we.

That lack of info aside, the videos are gorgeous to look at and a fun way to pass a minute or two while waiting for the kettle to boil.