Strengthening Cybersecurity: Understanding and Utilizing Blacklists

These domains may be used for malicious intent such as computer intrusions, data-mining, Ads, Telemetry, fraud, phishing and other data-sets that may be used against you or others.

The Open Source Society Malta community members and partners on this project, hate it when such methods are used to impersonate trusted or influential institutions, people, brands and the companies you do business with in & around Malta.

Thus community has partnered up with War Max IT and others who form part of the digital & cyber secuirty community in and around Malta to provide a comprehensive awareness of tools and utilities to help stay safe on the web and to keep your data safe. Besides the additional data collected from Goverment agencies that regulate the market such as MFSA and MGA

An Example of some of the potential malicious methods used is to trick unsuspecting victims with IDN characters such as ł in iCł or the zero in – But with the following block lists in an instance like Pi-hole or a Firewall appliance

Name Pi-hole ABP-Style Covers
Malta Yes Partially Maltese Entities & domains
Europe Yes Partially European Entities & Domains

If the above lists do not work for you, or you would like to share knowledge for other applications and platforms kindly reach out to the team using the contact us page.

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Urls in Malta blocklist
0 +
Urls in EU blocklist
0 +

Suspicious link submission


    Black Lists Maintained by Third-parties

    Keep in mind that these are not maintained by OSSMalta not its partners and are recommendations from the community, like anything, do your due diligence to read up on how to use them and test to see if they work for your needs or not.