Cozy Audiobook Player 1.3.0 Ported to GTK4 null& LibAdwait

After almost 2 years, Cozy audiobook player, finally announced new 1.3.0 release days ago.

Cozy is a free open-source application for Linux, allows to listen to your DRM free mp3, m4b, m4a (aac, ALAC, …), flac, ogg and wav audio books.

The new release ported the UI to GTK4 plus LibAdwaita. It now looks more native, well integrated in Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux with recent GNOME Desktop, and automatically switch to dark mode when system switched to dark style.

Other changes include:

  • Improved mobile support
  • Smaller visual refinements to match the state of the art of GNOME apps
  • Dozens of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Significant cleanup and improvements to the codebase
  • As always, updated translations thanks to all translators!

How to Install Cozy in Ubuntu & other Linux

Cozy provides official Linux package through universal Flatpak runs in sandbox.

Fedora 38/39 (with 3rd party repository enabled) and Linux Mint 21 can directly search for and install it either from Gnome Software or Software Manager.

For Ubuntu, and other Linux, follow the steps below one by one to install the app as Flatpak package:

  1. First, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal, then run command to enable Flatpak support:
    sudo apt install flatpak

    For other Linux, follow the official setup guide to enable the package format support.

  2. Then, install the app as Flatpak package by running the command below in terminal:
    flatpak install

Once installed, search for and launch the app either from start menu or ‘Activities’ overview depends on your desktop environment.

First time installing Flatpak app may need log out and back in to make app icon visible.

Cozy also has an official Ubuntu PPA, though NOT updated at the moment of writing. And, the PPA package has package conflict (see this bug) to Gnome Extension Manager due to an icon file.

Uninstall Cozy:

To uninstall the Flatpak package, open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data com.github.geigi.cozy

Also run flatpak uninstall --unused to remove useless run-time libraries.