Firefox 120.0 can import from Chromium when Both Snap Apps

Mozilla announced Firefox 120.0 a day ago as the latest stable release of the popular web browser.

The new release continue adding new security improvements. In the right-click menu of web links, there’s now “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” to ensure that copied links no longer contain tracking information.

The ‘Privacy & Security’ setting page now has an option “Tell websites not to sell or share my data“.

For Germany users, Cookie Banner Blocker and URL Tracking Protection by default in private windows to auto-refuse cookies, and remove non-essential URL query parameters.

For Ubuntu, both Firefox and Chromium (in system repository) are Snap packages run in sandbox. Since 120.0 release, user can now import data from Chromium to Firefox, when both web browsers are installed as Snap packages.

Other changes in Firefox 120.0 include:

  • enhance Canvas APIs with Fingerprinting Protection for private windows.
  • imports TLS trust anchors (e.g., certificates) from the operating system root store.
  • New keyboard shortcuts to edit and delete a selected credential on about:logins.
  • support corner snapping for Picture-in-Picture on Windows and Linux
  • Various security fixes and developer improvements.

Download Firefox 120.0

The official release note as well as download link is available in the Mozilla website via the link:

Firefox 120.0

For Ubuntu users with the pre-installed Firefox package, it has been already updated to the new 120.0 release. Just check it via menu “Help -> About Firefox”.

For those who prefer the classic .deb package format, the Mozilla Team PPA has made the package for all current Ubuntu releases, however, Ubuntu 22.04 users need to manually set PPA priority.