‘Gamebuntu’ Make it Super Easy to Setup Your Ubuntu for Gaming

Want to play some games in Ubuntu desktop? Gamebuntu is a new project to make life easier for beginners!

Without searching for how to tutorials and struggling with Linux commands, Gamebuntu is an all-in-one app makes it possible to single click to install Steam, Heroic / Epic Game launcher, Minigalaxy GOG client, and/or Lutris game clients.

Install Game Clients via Single clicks!

The app also offer buttons to easily install other useful apps for setting up Ubuntu for gaming. They include:

  • OBS Studio for streaming purpose
  • Discord for chatting
  • MangoHUD for system details, frame time and FPS counter.
  • GameMode to optimize game performance,
  • OpenRGB to configure coolers and RAM modules with RGB.
  • Piper to configure gaming peripharals.
  • Polychomatic to configure Razer devices.
  • Noise Torch – real-time microphone noise suppresstion.
  • Low latency / xanmode kernel for critical runtime applications

And if the NVIDA proprietary drivers installed, it will offer shortcut for configuring Nvidia driver settings.

Gamebuntu is a free open-source project in earlier stage. It’s so far recommended for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS only. The source code is hosted in gitlab page.

The developer is working on Snap package support. Until it’s made into Ubuntu Software, an appimage is available to download at the link below:

Download Gamebuntu

Once downloaded, extract and run the ‘Appimage’ package to launch the app (make executable via its Properties -> Permissions dialog).

Run the appimage to launch Gamebuntu

As the link may change at any time, go to this thread to get updated info and/or ask for request.