GNOME 43 to add ‘Device Security’ Settings with Secure Boot status & HSI Level

GNOME announced the first alpha for the next 43 stable series. See what’s new in this popular Linux desktop environments.

GNOME is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu and Fedora Workstation, and optional for Debian, Arch Linux and so forth.

The next v43 is planned for September 21, 2022. So far, it features new “Device Security” sub-settings page of “Privacy” in GNOME Control Center. With it, you can easily find out if “Secure Boot” is enabled in your machine.

Not sure if it’s unfinished or because of running in Virtual Machine. The shield icon has no description text. By clicking on it will show you current HSI security level, as well as options for “Minimal Protection”, “Basic Protection”, and “Extended Protection”. But, all of them shows only blank page for me.

Gnome Software now support for Web Apps. It as well allows swiping back in the shell using touchpad gestures. Gnome Weather now has a new ‘About’ dialog:

Other changes in GNOME 43 include:

  • Gnome Calendar now has a sidebar in main window, and has ability to zoom the Week view.
  • Dconf Editor now has a new app icon.
  • Gnome Text editor now support for opening local STDIN streams

Get GNOME 43 Alpha:

A GNOME OS installer image as well as the news file and source packages are available to download in the announce page below:

Gnome 43 Alpha