Here are 8 Winner Wallpaper Images for Ubuntu 24.04

For Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, the top 8 photo images that won the wallpaper competition are out! They will be shipped by default in the .iso image as optional wallpapers for Ubuntu 24.04 Desktop.

Ubuntu Desktop team started the wallpaper competition for Ubuntu 24.04 on Feb 8. The submissions are grouped into 4 categories, including Mascot Theme, Digital / Abstract Art, Nature, Other. Each category has 2 winners and they are:

NOTE: The images here are optimized for faster loading. For original images, please scroll down and go to the competition web page.

  • Mascot Category:

    Fuwafuwa Nanbatto-san (Dark/Light Variants)

    Little numbat boy

  • Digital / Abstract Category:


    Monument Valley (Arizona)

  • Nature Category:

    Mount Fuji, Japan

    Northan Lights

  • Other Category:

    Lightbulb Rainbow


There are as well many other great photo images submitted in the competition. See the Ubuntu Discourse page for more.