How to install Zoom in Ubuntu 23.10 [Fix Unmet Dependencies]

This simple tutorial shows how to install Zoom video communication client in Ubuntu 23.10, and fix unmet dependencies issue.

Zoom provides official .deb package for Ubuntu, however it’s built against old Mesa libraries that have been removed from Ubuntu 23.10 repository.

When trying to install the package, it will output something that:

‘The following packages have unmet dependencies:
zoom:  Depends: libgl1-mesa-glx but it is not installable
Depends: libegl1-mesa but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.’

Until Zoom updating its official package to correct the build dependencies, Ubuntu 23.10 user can simply download & install the 2 missing dependency packages: libgl1-mesa-glx and libegl1-mesa, from Ubuntu 22.04 repository. And, here’s how to do the trick step by step.

Step 1: Download Zoom package

Zoom provides official package available to download at the link below:

Download Zoom

You can skip this step if you’ve already downloaded the package.

Step 2: Download ‘libgl1-mesa-glx’ & ‘libegl1-mesa’

For the missing dependency libraries, you can download it either by running a single command, or go to web page for the download links.

Option 1: Download via Linux command.

Simply press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal. When terminal opens, run commands:

  • navigate to ‘Downloads’ folder to store the packages.
    cd ~/Downloads
  • then, run command to download the 2 packages:
    wget -c

    NOTE: this is a single command, wget -c plus URLs to the 2 packages (separated with blank space).

Option 2: Download via web browser.

For choice, you may also go to the link page below for Ubuntu’s official build of mesa packages:

mesa in launchpad

Then, scroll down and find out “The Jammy Jellyfish” (Ubuntu 22.04 code-name), and click the little triangle icon to expand.

Finally, scroll down, find out and download both ‘libegl1-mesa_…amd64.deb’ and ‘libgl1-mesa-glx_…amd64.deb’ packages.

Step 3: Install Zoom as well as its dependencies

Finally, in the terminal window, just run the command below to install Zoom, as well as the 2 dependency packages:

sudo apt install ./libegl1-mesa*.deb ./libgl1-mesa-glx ./zoom_amd64.deb

If you save all the 3 packages in user Downloads folder, then you may right-click on blank area in that page, and select “Open in Terminal”, finally the command above to install them.

As the screenshot shows, if you have only the 3 .deb packages in the Downloads folder, use the command below also works:

sudo apt install ./*.deb

That’s it. After installation, search for and launch Zoom either from the overview, start/application menu depends on your desktop environment and enjoy!


To uninstall Zoom as well as the dependencies, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal, and run command:

sudo apt remove --autoremove zoom libegl1-mesa libgl1-mesa-glx

That’s all. Enjoy!