Linux Mint 21.2 Released! Touchpad Gestures, Light & Dark Mode Support

Linux Mint announced the new 21.2 point release this Sunday!

The new release introduced Cinnamon Desktop 5.8 with built-in gestures support for touchpad and touchscreen. With the touchegg service running in the background, System Settings now provides a ‘Gestures’ option, allowing to configure actions for 3-finger/4-finger swipe, 2-finger/3-finger/4-finger pinch, and activation thresholds.

Another big change is the “Themes” setting page. It now features “Style” option for changing theme, and each style has light, dark, and mixed, as well as accent colors to choose from.

Other changes in Linux Mint 21.2 include:

  • MATE Desktop 1.26.
  • XFCE Desktop 4.18.
  • Kernel 5.15.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 package base.
  • Enable touchpad tap-to-click on login screen.
  • On screen keyboard now is configurable.
  • Pix 3.0 with AVIF/HEIF and JXL formats support.
  • XDG Desktop Portal for better non-native apps (such as Flatpak) support.
  • Start Menu now is resizable.
  • Tooltips, icons, and other minor changes.

How to Get Linux Mint 21.2

For the .iso disco image, go to its website via the link below:

Download Linux Mint

Linux Mint 21.1 user can upgrade to the new release by launching “Update Manager” (upgrade the app itself if prompted), then use menu ” option.

For Ubuntu (Cinnamon) user who want to try out the new Cinnamon Desktop 5.8, I’ve created an unofficial PPA for choice.