Oracle Announced the General Availability of Java JDK 22

Oracle announced the release of JDK 22 GA this Tuesday.

JDK 22 delivers 12 enhancements that are significant enough to warrant their own JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs), including seven preview features and one incubator feature. They cover improvements to the Java Language, its APIs, its performance, and the tools included in the JDK.

This is a short term release with 6 months support, until September 2024 when it will be superseded by JDK 23. And, the JEPs in the release include:

  • Regional Pinning for G1 – JEP 423
  • Statements before super (…) [Preview] – JEP 447
  • Foreign Function & Memory API – JEP 454
  • Unnamed Variables & Patterns – JEP 456
  • Class-File API (Preview) – JEP 457
  • Launch Multi-File Source-Code Programs – JEP 458
  • String Templates (Second Preview) – JEP 459
  • Vector API (7th Incubator) – JEP 460
  • Stream Gatherers (Preview) – JEP 461
  • Structured Concurrency (2nd Preview) – JEP 462
  • Implicitly Declared Classes and Instance Main Methods (Second Preview) – JEP 463
  • Scoped Values (2nd Preview) – JEP 464

Get Java JDK 22

Oracle provides official packages for Linux, MacOS, and Windows, available via the link page below:

Download Java

For Ubuntu users on Intel/AMD devices, just download & install the “x64 Debian Package“, while ARM platform (e.g., Raspberry Pi) can use the ARM64 Compressed Archive. For beginners, here’s a step by step guide shows how to install the package.