Zorin OS 17.1 Released! Education Edition & Better Windows Apps Support

Zorin OS, the popular Ubuntu based Linux Distribution, announced v17.1 this Thursday!

Like Linux Mint, Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu LTS. The latest 17.x release series is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, but features GNOME 43 desktop with custom layout.

It provides an elegant and user friendly desktop appearance targets to users who are switching from Microsoft Windows. And, features 3 editions: Pro (cost $48), Core, and Education.

The new 17.1 release features enhanced Windows App support, with power of Wine 9.0 and Bottles.

The built-in database now supports over 100 Windows apps. It automatically detects and recommends native Linux versions from the Software store, when users try launching  .exe installers. And, the file manager now shows thumbnails for .exe files, as well as RAW, AppImage, and EPUB files.

The release also introduce Education edition, that features educational apps and games for school and student use. They include:

  • Scratch to learn programming.
  • GDevelop game development studio.
  • Fritzing electronics design and prototyping platform
  • GNOME Builder IDE.
  • LibreCAD 2D CAD design.
  • Kolibri for offline access to an enormous library of top-class educational content.
  • Veyon classroom control software.

Other changes in Zorin OS 17.1 include:

  • Add Reading Strip to Education edition to help focus while reading.
  • Add Logseq that can be used to take notes, write journals, create flashcards, reference links
  • LibreOffice 24.2
  • New window placement option: Center or Spread.
  • Linux 6.5 hardware enablement Kernel from Ubuntu 23.10.

Download Zorin OS 17.1

For the official release note, as well as download link (in bottom of that page), just go to:

Zorin OS 17.1 Release Note