Appnativefy – Turn Any Website into Single Executable Appimage

Want to create web apps into the portable Appimage package format? Appnativefy is a simple tool to do the job.

Appnativefy is a simple command line tool to make executable AppImage files from any website, it uses the Nativefier API in the backend, with AppImageKIt.

Appimage is an universal Linux package format. Different to other packages, you don’t need to install it. Just make it executable and run to launch program!

How to use appnativefy:

With Appnativefy, you can run a simple command to turn a website into single executable Appimage:

appnativefy --name "TYPE_PACKAGE_NAME" --url "URL_ADDRESS"

For instance, you can make into appimage via command:

appnativefy --name "YouTube" --url ""

You can add more flags at the end of the command to enable more options, for instance:

  • --services enables to sign-in using services such as Microsoft 365 and Google.
  • --favicon forces to use the favicon of the site while making the AppImage.
  • --widevine adds Widevine support to enable playing DRM enabled content.
  • For more, run appnativefy -h

For example, run below command will create appimage for Spotify with Widevine support, sign-in services enabled, and using the favicon.

appnativefy --name "Spotify" --url "" --services --widevine --favicon

The app will create an appnativefy folder in users home directory that contains all generated Appimage packages.

How to install Appnativefy:

The software is available as a NPM package. To install it, firstly open terminal and run command to install dependencies:

sudo apt install nodejs npm wget

Then install the tool via npm command:

sudo npm install -g appnativefy

How to Remove Appnativefy:

To remove the command line tool, simply run command:

sudo npm uninstall -g appnativefy

If you don’t use nodejs and npm, remove them to free up a few dozens of MB disk space:

sudo apt purge --auto-remove nodejs npm