HandBrake 1.4.0 Released with 10 / 12-bit Encoding, How to Install in Ubuntu

The open-source video transcoder HandBrake released new 1.4.0 version with exciting new features.

HandBrake 1.4.0 adds native 10 and 12-bit encoding support. Though it has limitations that some filters (e.g., Detelecine, Chroma Smooth, and more) do not currently support higher than 8-bit. With these filters enabled, you won’t benefit from the new feature.

You can select the new 10-bit / 12-bit encoder from the “Video codec” drop-down on the Video tab. For hardware encoders, the option will only be shown if the system supports it.

The release also adds new filters including Chroma Smooth and Colourspace Selection. New Media Foundation encoder for Windows based ARM64 devices powered by Qualcomm Chipsets.

Other changes in HandBrake 1.4.0 include:

  • HDR10 metadata passthru.
  • Added support for Apple Silicon based macs.
  • MP2 Audio Passthru support.
  • Added support for DVB Subtitles.
  • Added support for EIA608 Closed Captions.
  • Improved Static Previews to reduce temporary disk space usage
  • And much more.

How to Install HandBrake 1.4.0 in Ubuntu:

HandBrake has an official Ubuntu PPA though it’s not updated at the moment.

Besides the PPA, you can download & install the flatpak package.

Download HandBrake Linux Flatpak

First time installing a flatpak package? Make sure flatpak daemon is installed via command:

sudo apt install flatpak

Then install the downloaded package via command:

flatpak install ~/Downloads/HandBrake-*.flatpak

(Optional) To uninstall the package, open terminal and run command:

flatpak uninstall fr.handbrake.ghb