How to Hide Mounted Drives From the Left Dock in Ubuntu 19.10

gnome shell

This tutorial shows how to hide the icons of mounted drives / partitions from the left (or bottom) dock launcher in Ubuntu 19.10.

When you plug in a USB drive or browse through an external file partition in Nautilus file browser, a new device icon will appear in the left dock panel in Ubuntu 19.10 Gnome desktop.

To prevent these mounted devices icons from showing, do following steps:

1.) Install dconf editor via Ubuntu Software:

2.) Launch dconf editor, and navigate to org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash-to-dock.

Then scroll down and find out the key “show-mounts“, and turn off the toggle.

For those familiar with Linux commands, a single command can prevent these mounted devices icons from showing in the left dock.

gsettings set show-mounts false

(Optional) Also you can easily restore the change via command:

gsettings reset show-mounts