HP Linux Printer Driver HPLIP 3.21.10 Adds Debian 11, Zorin OS 16 & Ubuntu 21.10 Support

HPLIP, HP’s inkjet and laser printers Linux driver, released version 3.21.10 with new devices and Linux distributions support.

Zorin OS, the modern Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, is finally supported by HPLIP’s official .run installer. And, it also adds Debian 11 and Ubuntu 21.10 support.

As well, HPLIP 3.21.10 adds a list of new printers support:

  • HP ENVY Inspire 7200e series, 7900e series
  • HP LaserJet MFP M140a, MFP M139a, MFP M141a, MFP M142a, MFP M140w, MFP M140we, MFP M139w, MFP M139we, MFP M141w, MFP M141we, MFP M142we, MFP M142w
  • HP LaserJet M109a, M110a, M111a, M112a, M109w, M109we, M110w, M110we, M111w, M111we, M112we, M112w
  • HP DesignJet Z6 Pro 64in
  • HP DesignJet Z9 Pro 64in
  • HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 PS MFP series
  • HP PageWide XL Pro 8200 PS MFP series
  • HP PageWide XL 3920 MFP
  • HP PageWide XL 4200 Printer, 4200 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 4700 Printer, 4700 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 5200 Printer, 5200 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 8200 Printer

Download & Install HPLIP 3.21.10:

1. Firstly, download the .run installer package from the link page below:

Download HPLIP (.run)

2. Next, open terminal from start menu (Ubuntu may press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open it). When it opens, add executable permission to the .run packge:

chmod u+x ~/Downloads/hplip*.run

3. Finally, run the installer to start installing the Linux driver:


Follow the terminal output to answer some questions. When everything’s done, plug or re-plug your HP printer and enjoy!

For Ubuntu with python-pyqt5 dependency issue, this tutorial may help.

How to Remove HPLIP:

The release somehow does not create source folder while installing process. You may re-run the installer with --target flag to extract source:

~/Downloads/hplip-3.21.10.run --target ~/Downloads/hplip-3.21.10

When you see the new folder generated in Downloads, type q or press Ctrl+C to quit installer.

And, finally run the uninstall script from that folder will remove the driver:

sudo python3 ~/Downloads/hplip*/uninstall.py

That’s all. Enjoy!