Notepad Next – Notepad++ Re-implementation with Linux Support

For notepad++ fans, there’s a free open-source project that reimplement the text editor with native Linux support!

It’s Notepad Next, a C++ application uses Qt5 toolkit for its user interface. Compare to Notepadqq (another Notepad++ like editor), this app looks almost same to Notepad++.

And it’s a cross-platform app that not only supports for Linux, but also works Windows and MacOS.

Install Notepad Next:

I’m not a programmer and don’t even use Notepad++, so I can’t tell how it different to this original Windows app. Just try it out yourself:

NOTE: Though the application overall is stable and usable, it should not be considered safe for critically important work.

Download Notepad Next

For Linux, just grab the .AppImage package, add executable permission and run to launch the app.

You may alternatively install the app as Flatpak package. Setup the Flatpak daemon first and then install it by running command:

flatpak install