Skype not working for you? Microsoft Hasn’t Killed it yet 4 linux

Is the Skype Linux app refusing to connect for you? 

If so I can tell you that you’re not alone.

We’ve received multiple reports from readers who say they’ve been unable to log in to Skype using the older Qt-based Skype for Linux app since August 13.

They experience no issues logging in using the new desktop Skype for Linux alpha client or Windows, Mac and Android apps.

Is this a cynical attempt by Microsoft to force users of the old app to use the newer, virtually feature-free, web-based client?

Thankfully no.

It’s a Temporary Issue, Skype Say

A Skype rep says the connection error is just that: an error. This is not a policy change by Microsoft nor does it signal the end of the existing Qt desktop app (though be aware that that is going to happen at some point).

Skype say they’re aware of sign-in issues and add that it currently affects a number of its apps across many different OSes. Linux is not the only platform experiencing issues.

They add that they are ‘working hard to fix the issues’ and ‘apologise for any inconvenience’ it causes in the meantime.