Telegrand is a Modern GTK4 Telegram Client for GNOME in Development

For Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux with GNOME desktop, a modern GTK4 Telegram app “Telegrand” is under development.

Telegrand is the free open-source client written in Rust programming language. By using libadwaita library, it has an adaptive user interface to fit all screen sized.

Telegrand – The GTK4 Telegram GNOME App (Image by Marcus Behrendt in

Though Telegram has official app for Linux, this new app is worth expecting for GNOME users. As an in-development project, it isn’t considered stable software yet. So far, it supports log in via phone number or using QR code.

Sadly, my Telegram account got banned after trying the app via Flatpak, though I do not use the service (Telegram is blocked in my Country and no friend around uses this messenger).

Telegrand includes the Telegram’s test credentials by default, which are very limited, but usable (especially for development). However, it’s known that Telegram sometimes decides to ban accounts that use such credentials (especially newer accounts).

Try Telegrand in Your Linux:

Arch Linux user may try out the app using the AUR package with provided API credentials via meson options.

For other Linux, the latest flatpak build with the test API credentials is available to download:

Telegrand Flatpak (for testing purpose)

Then, extract the package and open the folder that contains the flatpak in terminal. Finally, run command to install it:

flatpak install telegrand.flatpak

You must have flatpak daemon installed via sudo apt install flatpak command first.

NOTE: As mentioned, the flatpak package includes the test credentials. Telegram may ban accounts that use such credentials (especially newer accounts).

And to remove the Flatpak, use command:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data com.github.melix99.telegrand.Devel

Read more in github