About Us


OSSMALTA – Open Source Society Malta is a young and dynamic community. Which takes pride in projects which are all developed and designed by in-house  and community developers in  and around the Maltese islands.

We present our inexhaustible vast range of creations consisting mainly of Open Source Systems and Applications.

Our project portfolio covers a wide selection of styles for any taste and budget. We cater for both the small domestic requirements as well as to high-end projects both in Malta and overseas.

Last but not least, we at OSSMALTA, give great importance to our users and members as we consider them to be our king pin to our success. Our reputation is based on our belief in an open alternatives and on our ability and integrity to deliver what we promise, when promised. Through our experience, we realize that there is no other effective form of advertising other than a happy and satisfied user.

We invite you to visit us for all your Alternative Software requirements. Our professional and dedicated Team will be more than happy to assist you.

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