Audacity Finally Adds Official Binary for Linux via Appimage

By releasing version 3.0.3 RC1, Audacity digital audio editor finally adds official Linux binary support!

It’s the 64-bit Appimage package that runs in most Linux Distributions. Without installing, it’s a single executable that launches the software via double-click.

Other changes in Audacity 3.0.3 so far includes:

  • switch to 64-bit Windows binary, and drop Windows XP support.
  • Improved default spectrogram colors
  • Fix user interface display issue on HiDPI display in Linux.
  • Fix that font size scales incorrectly.
  • Fix crashes with Macros on files when the macro-output folder is in an unwriteable location
  • No error message when attempting to save to SMB drive
  • Fix Macros running on files can’t be cancelled

To get the Audacity Appimage, go to:

Download Audacity (Appimage)

Once you get it, add executable permission in file Properties dialog. Then click run to open the editor: