Czkawka – Find & Remove Duplicates, Empty, Broken Files in Linux

Czkawka is a simple, fast and easy to use software to remove unnecessary files from your machine.

Czkawka is a free and open-source software written in memory safe Rust. It works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Due to advanced algorithms and multi-threading, it is amazingly fast!

With it, you can scan your specified folder directories for:

  • Duplicates files based on file name, size, hash, first 1 MB of hash
  • Empty folders / empty files.
  • Big files.
  • Temporary files
  • Similar images.
  • Zeroed files
  • Invalid symbolic links
  • Broken files.

And it offers a few select buttons to select and remove your desired files from the output.

How to Get Czkawka in Ubuntu Linux:

The software offers official binary packages available to download at the github releases page:

Download Czkawka (Appimage)

For Linux users, grab the .appimage package. Make it executable from file properties dialog, and finally run it to launch the software.