Get Back Top Panel App Menu Indicator in Ubuntu 23.10

In Ubuntu 23.10 with default GNOME 45 desktop, there’s no longer app menu indicator in top-panel next to workspace indicator (previously ‘Activities’).

It’s an indicator menu for current running app window in focus, which has few basic options such as “New Window” and “Quite”.

GNOME has proposed to replace the app menu with a new way for indicating window focus. GNOME 45 takes the first step by removing it from top-panel.

For those who prefer the top panel app menu, it’s easy to get it back by using an extension. And, here’s how to do the trick step by step.

Get back App Menu Indicator in GNOME 45

NOTE: This tutorial should work in Ubuntu 23.10, Fedora 39, Manjaro, Arch, and other Linux with GNOME 45.

For Ubuntu 23.10, firstly launch App Center, then search for and install “Extension Manager” app.

Install Extension Manager in Ubuntu Software/App Center

Next, launch “Extension Manager”, and use it to search & install the “App menu is back” extension, under Browse tab.

After installing the extension, the app menu should be back in top-panel, next to the ‘pill and dot’ workspace indicator once you selected any app window.

For Fedora 39 and other Linux, just launch web browser and go to the extension page in EGO via the link below:

App menu is back

Then, use the ON/OFF switch in the page to install the extension. In case you don’t see the toggle switch, install web browser extension via the link it prompted and refresh the page.

That’s it. Enjoy!