GTK Twitter App Cawbird 1.5 Released! Add Option to Reload Failed Image

Cawbird, the free open-source native Linux Twitter app, released version 1.5 few days ago.

There’s no big ones in the release. But if you have poor network connection like me, and any image failed to load in Cawbird, there’s now ‘reload image‘ button that could help to reload it.

The new release now cleanly and clearly handle “withheld” accounts, and hide withheld tweets. And, it fixed emoji chooser in non-English locales, added support paging of blocked profiles. For more, see the Github releases page.

How to install Cawbird in Ubuntu & Other Linux:

Cawbird twitter app is available to install via 3 ways: Native DEB/RPM, Snap, and Flatpak packages.

1. Native DEB / RPM

For Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora based systems, the software developer offers official packages through OBS repository:

Download Cawbird

Just select your OS logo, click ‘Grab binary packages directory‘ and select download the native package for your system (amd64 for modern PC, arm64/armhf for arm processors).

Or, run the commands one by one to add repository and receive updates, by following the ‘Add repository and install manually’ link.

2. Cawbird Snap:

Ubuntu user may just search for and install the Snap package from Software Center. Though it’s not updated to v1.5 at the moment.

3. Cawbird Flatpak:

The app is also available to install via the universal Flatpak package. After set up the Flatpak daemon, user may grab the package from this page.