Sega launches free retro game collection for IOS and Android, rejoice in the nostalgia.

Following in the footsteps of Nintendo and Atari, Sega has hopped on the retro gaming bandwagon to bring heaps of classic games from the 1990s straight to your flashy new Android and iOS devices.

The new initiative, which aims to give old-school players a chance to revisit their most fondly remembered gaming memories, will be called Sega Forever and will feature a total of five titles at launch. The first games to arrive will be Sonic the HedgehogAltered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone and Kid Chameleon.

While the games will be free to download, users will also have the option to purchase ad-free versions for a measly $2 a pop. This should keep everyone happy.

One particularly cool thing is that all of the games come with support for wireless controllers over Bluetooth, which will make it easier for players to recreate the retro console gaming experience.

Sega promises the Forever collection will start rolling out globally over the next 24 hours – so you will have to wait until June 22 to get the games. You can find the first batch of retro classics from the links below:

For more details and upcoming releases, head to the Sega Forever page here.