Side-scrolling Game SuperTux 0.6.3 Beta Adds Swimming, Wall Jumping, & More Features

2D jump’n’run game SuperTux released 0.6.3 Beta recently with many exciting new features.

SuperTux is a free open-source side-scroller inspired from the Super Mario Bros. Player may control a penguin called Tux in game to run and jump through multiple worlds, fighting off enemies, and reclaim Penny.

By releasing the 0.6.3 Beta, the game supports for WASM compilation. So, it can be played directly in the browser. There are also many great new features introduced in the release, including:

  • Swimming
  • Wall jumping
  • Autotiles
  • New snow tiles, objects
  • Add-on creator
  • Optional integration with Discord
  • Official binaries for FreeBSD, Linux 32-bit and Ubuntu Touch
  • Custom particles, in-game progress statistics, skippable cutscenes.
  • Updated animations, rework of the Revenge in Redmond worldmap.

How to Get SuperTux:

The game works on Linux, Windows and macOS. Its website provides the binary packages as well as the source tarball for downloading:

Download SuperTux

For Ubuntu and other Linux, it’s available in the system repositories. Just search for and install it via your system app store (Ubuntu Software).

And the package for the latest 0.6.3 Beta is available to download in Github releases via Assets. For Linux user, download the ‘.Appimage’ package, add executable permission in file Properties dialog, and finally click run it to start the game.