Firefox 123 Released with New Report Tool, Search in Firefox View

Mozilla Firefox web browser version 123.0 now is available to download!

In the new monthly release, Firefox View page now have “Search” function, allows to search a page from each tab of recent browsing, recent closed tabs, open tabs, tab from other devices, and history.

Firefox 123.0 also added a new menu option to easily report web compatibility issue for currently tab.

Other changes in the release include:

  • Move address bar settings to ‘Search’ section in Firefox Settings.
  • implement linearRGB interpolation for SVG gradients, as well as the existing sRGB interpolation.
  • Fully support Early Hints by enabling Preload and Modulepreload support.
  • Support declarative ShadowDOM
  • Audio echo cancellation can now be applied to microphone inputs
  • Add Save Response As context menu option.
  • Web page translation also applies to tooltips and text in form controls.
  • Various security fixes.

In additions, some machines with older AMD CPUs may see image thumbnails incorrectly render as all black in file dialogs. If this is the case, updating the graphics driver should address this issue.

How to Get Firefox 123.0

For the official release note as well as download links, go to link below:

Firefox 123.0 Release Note & Download

For Ubuntu, the pre-installed Snap package will update automatically. And, there’s MozillaTeam PPA and Mozilla’s official apt repository for choices (See this tutorial for details.).