HandBrake 1.3.2 Released with Improved H.265 Support

HandBrake video transcoder 1.3.2 was released a day ago with many improvements and bug-fixes.

According to the release note, HandBrake 1.3.2 release highlights include:

  • Improve support for H.265 video in AVI container
  • Fix point to point end detection
  • Fix QSV HEVC encoder on older Intel hardware.
  • Fix upstream FFmpeg issue where passing through AAC ADTS audio could produce invalid MKV output in rare cases
  • And many fixes for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

How to Install HandBrake in Ubuntu:

HandBrake has an official Ubuntu PPA. It is however not updated timely, and Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer supported due to old system libraries.

The github release page offers official flatpak packages that work on 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 and higher.

HandBrake Flatpak

Grab the .flatpak and install it via command:

flatpak install /path/to/package_name.flatpak

NOTE: flatpak runs in sandbox and HandBrake flatpak package requires Gnome 3.36 runtime platform. See more at this page.