Ubuntu 24.04 Default Wallpaper Revealed [Download Link]

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Noble Numbat, was finally released this Tuesday!

Similar to the one for current Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the new wallpaper uses gradient color background (from purple in top-left to orange in bottom right?) with mascot in center.

I can’t say how it looks! Just see the image below for the new wallpaper:

And, there’s also a dark variant:

Besides the default wallpaper and its dark variant, Ubuntu 24.04 also include 8 optional wallpapers, which are the winner images of the wallpaper competition.

Ubuntu 24.04 wallpaper selection dialog

Download Ubuntu 24.04 Wallpaper

The default wallpaper is available as PNG file with 3840×2160 resolution. The source file is available to download via the link below:

Download Ubuntu 24.04 wallpaper

Just go to the page, and click “download file” link to download the wallpaper image. For all other images, go this page and click ‘download tarball’.