VS Code 1.87 Released with Voice Dictation in Editor

Visual Studio Code announced version 1.87 as the new February 2024 release!

The release features voice dictation support in editor. With VS Code Speech extension installed, user can use voice to dictate directly into the editor.

It can be started by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V on keyboard, and stop via Escape key. Or, press and hold the key combination (Ctrl+Alt+V) to enable walky-talky mode, that the voice recognition stops as soon as the keys released.

The VS Code Speech extension now has 26 supported languages support. Each language comes as its own extension. And user can choose between them using accessibility.voice.speechLanguage setting.

Other changes in the release include:

  • Multi-cursor inline completions are previewed and applied at both the primary and the secondary cursor positions.
  • Rename suggestions from Copilot.
  • Pylance extension for Python support now has an Add Imports code action for adding missing imports.
  • Enable sticky scroll by defaul, and increase maximum display number from 10 to 20.
  • GitHub Copilot Chat suggests templates and features when adding dev container configuration files to a workspace
  • Side-by-side preview refactoring – Preview refactorings across files with multi diff editor.

How to Get Visual Studio Code 1.87

The official release note as well as download links are available in the official website the link below:

VS Code 1.87 Release Note

Ubuntu users can choose download & install deb, snap, or flatpak package. And, there’s a step-by-step guide in case you’re new to this stuff.