Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0 Finally Available to Download

After more than 2 years of development, the new major Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0 was finally available to download.

With Wesnoth 1.15.x development releases, it introduced new campaign: Wings of Victory, an Intermediate level Drake campaign with 11 scenarios. A new new single player or coop survival scenario, Isle of Mists is added.

The add-on World Conquest II (now called World Conquest) has translations support. And users now has ability to add translated titles and descriptions to add-ons.

It has overhauled the Dunefolk to improve balance against the six Default factions. Most of the Dunefolk faction’s units have new and-or updated animations. There is also a new unit called falconer, which is a branch in the skirmisher line.

For multiplayer, it added roll N chat command, new Information button in the lobby to show server related information and ongoing tournaments being held. It’s possible to press F1 to view in-game help in the multiplayer lobby. And, the Private Replay checkbox is available in the game create screen.

It also merged several experimental AI candidate actions (CAs). The campaign AI Controller feature is now deprecated, and has been removed from mainline campaigns.

Other changes in Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0 include:

  • Many changes to unit stats across the board
  • Several new fauna units added.
  • Many new zombified sprites, monsters, animations, and so forth.
  • Campaign changes and fixes.
  • WML and lua API changes.
  • Require system higher than Windows 7 / macOS 10.11

How to Get Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0:

At the moment, there are only Windows EXE and source tarball available to download at the link below:

Download Wesnoth 1.16

For Linux, there’s no binary package at the moment. You can however keep an eye on the Flathub repository, or check this Ubuntu PPA.